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Week of 29nd November 2021

1) What was a Christmas present you recieved that was the biggest letdown? One that surprised you the most?

2) What parts of the Christmas season do you look forward to the most? Church? Food? Family? 

3) Hope in 2021 is a fragile thing, but it can be rekindled by regularly reminding ourselves of what God has done for us. What are some of those moments in your lfie you can testify about to give you Hope for 2022?

4) Last week Nathan talked about doing our homework when it comes to sharing our faith (go back and listen to his message if you need a refresher). If us sharing what God has done is a opportunity to spread Hope to even our non-christian friends, what does it look like to do our homework so that those opportunities for testimony come across well to those who might not be farmiliar with faith language? What would you need to change in how you share those stories of God's faithfulness to you?

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