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Week of 7th June 2021

James 5:7-11

1.)  One a scale of 1-10, how patient are you? (1 being REALLY patient and 10 being super impatient) Do you think that number has changed over time for you?

2.) When you are suffering, do you find yourself reaching out to others often, sometimes, or not at all? If you find yourself suffering on your own and not reaching out for help, then is it because you don't want to be a burden? Don't think people will care? Something else?

3.) How do you think the Holy Spirit as the "comforter" helps you during trials, with difficult people, with suffering, etc? (John 14:26)

4.) Jesus shows us the God who knows what it is like to suffer. Is this an aspect of God's character that you are able to talk about with non-Christians?

Deeper Discussion:

5.) How much of the New Testament is filled with hope-filled eschatology about the return of Christ? How often do you find these truths to fill you with hope? What are some implications, for dealing with suffering, from a rapture eschatology, that seems to say our hope is in us escaping, rather than Jesus returning?

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