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Week of 21st November 2022

Now What?


“The ultimate achievement [in life] is to take personal responsibility over the world you find yourself in.” Jordan Peterson. 


1. Read 1 Corinthians 12:12-27.

“We are all friends.” What part of the body do you consider yourself? How can we serve with each other?


2. Read 1 Peter 4:9-10.

What's your gifting? How have you allowed people to get to know you?


3. Read Genesis 1:26-32.

“God created and gave Adam the responsibility to name them. Moses was given responsibility to save God’s people.” What has God given you the responsibility for?


4. Read John 6:1-15.

“Jesus turned everything upside down because one small boy took responsibility for the problem of feeding 5000 people.” 

What do I take personal responsibility for? What can I take personal responsibility for?


5. “Now what? Is a statement that you usually push towards someone else e.g., elders and church leaders.” In this time of ‘the gap’... How can I help bless the church and the community?


6. "We can tilt others towards heaven or down towards hell."  How do our actions influence others?


God is not finished with us yet.