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Week of 23RD may 2022

1) Follow up from last weeks question: 

"Perspective. Gratitude. Trust.

Which of these is good for you to ask the Holy Spirit's guidance and strength on?"

Have you had opportunities this last week to exercise these? What has the Holy Spirit been teaching you about them this week? Are there areas you need your Connect Group to support you, to grow your contentment?

2) Pauls' contentment was a foundation for him to be Bold in sharing the gospel. In the courtroom, Pauls' focus was on sharing the gospel, not on getting out of jail. For Luke, contentment allowed him to join a dangerous journey because he saw an opportunity for the gospel. In the Shipwreck, Pauls' contentment allowed him to focus on the needs of others rather than himself. Which place resonates the most with your situation in life right now?


3) Where in your life has Pauls' example convicted you to be bold to share the gospel. Work? With family? With friends in a hard situation? Through practical care for the poor? Some place else?

4) What does contentment look like in a corporate setting, either in your connect group or our church? What things should our contentment allow us to "Not Care" about? In what ways do you think God is challenging us to be more content, in order that we may be more bold in sharing the gospel?

5) Spend some time as a group praying that we will grow in our boldness, both individually, and together, in sharing the gospel with everyone.

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