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Week of 12th april 2021

James 2:4-18

1) What favourite memory verses do you still remember, even if you learned them many years ago? How much do they still impact your faith today?

2) If applicable, share a time of a faith defining moment like Easter Camp in your life. How did it transform your faith?

3) Those faith defining moments in our lives give us lots of drive to live out the gospel through our actions everyday. What are some ways we can continue to have that drive and fire after the newness of that experience wears off. In other words, how can we still have faith that produces actions even when we're not "On Fire"?

4) No dream is too big. What are some things that you are inspired to work in to bring gospel transformation to? Areas of society where gospel renewal is sorely needed. What are some ways you could practically begin to act in that area.

Bonus Points

Is our Salvation really defined by belief in Christ alone? Does John 3:16 etc really mean that, or are good deeds included in what it means for us to have salvation? No "wrong answers", just for discussion.

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