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John 6 - The Bread of Life

1) What does Jesus being the bread of life mean to you? Did Declan's message change your thinking on that at all?

2) Read John 6:35-48. There is alot of talk here about the Father sending, or giving people to Jesus. What do you think he means by this? How does this sit with your understanding of Verse 40 that implies the gospel is for everyone?

3) Read John 6:52-58. Jesus uses very literal and graphic language here. Catholics believe in "Transubstantiation"where the bread and wine of communion, or the eucharist, transforms into the literal body and blood of Jesus when they consume it. Discuss what you think of that belief. Does that enhance your thoughts around taking communion?

4) Read John 6:60-69. Look at the faith of the 12 disciples! Even though the teaching's of Jesus were hard to accept, their knowledge that Jesus was God, was enough that they would trust him, even when it was difficult! Are there parts of Jesus teaching that you find difficult? What are they? What could help you have the faith of these disciples, even though some things are difficult to believe/hear/understand?

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