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Week of 29-06



1) Favourite childhood TV show growing up?

2) People and situations. Talk about a time you had something bad (with a person or situation) turn out for good, and you felt God worked redemptively?

3) God working, but being hidden. If this is a struggle for you to deal with, then talk about why? (i.e. Impatience on timing, trusting it will work out, feeling out of control, etc) 

4) Thinking that God is hidden or distant is something that non-Christians may also think too. Starting with that common ground with them, what are some ways you or others have found God to be manifest? (i.e. Love, nature, ethics, testimony, etc).


Deeper Thinking.

How do you think those ways where we sense the reality of God (mentioned in question #4) point others to Jesus?

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