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We know joining a new church can be daunting, and deciding to start going to church can be even harder.  Well, here are some answers to questions you might be having - If there are any others you would like answered, feel free to ask away in the contact box at the bottom of the page!

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What time should I be there?

Church starts at 10.30am, however, you can come at 10am and join us for free coffee and fellowship before the service. 

What do I wear?

Whatever you are comfortable in, be it a suit, a dress, or a t-shirt and shorts.  The choice is yours, we don't have any sort of dress code.

Where do I go?  Where can I park?

We are on the corner of Rawhiti Avenue and Tower Road (26 Tower Road technically), head there and you can't miss it! Lots of people park on the grass on the roadside once the carpark is full.

Are kids welcome?

Of course!  Our kids' programme starts at 10.30am and runs till end of service.  Arrive at 10.20ish for check in. There'll be a team member there to show you what that entails. We also have areas where mums and dads can go with babies but still be able to see and hear what's happening. 

Will I be singled out for being new? 

We have people at the door to say hello, but you're free to talk as much or as little as you like!  We hope our messages are challenging for those who have been around for ages, but also accessible for people new to our church. And we won't make you stand up or anything.  After service, fill out a Welcome Card in the foyer and grab a gift bag!

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Corner of Tower Road and

Rawhiti Ave, Matamata 

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