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Church is about something we are, rather than somewhere we go.  Relationship with others in a faith community is a vital part of being the church. 


Our Connect Groups get together through the week in homes, coffee shops, or wherever works. Sometimes its a bible study, or dinner with our families around a BBQ. Connect Groups are an amazing place to build relationships, both with others and with God.

Josh and Karen Sager

Message based group for Young Adults

Tuesdays @ 6:30pm


Ash & Kaitlyn Stewart

Message based group

Tuesdays @ 7pm

Peter & Rachel Schnauer

Message based group

Wednesdays @ 6.30pm


Mike & Jean Clancey

Message based group

Wednesdays @ 7pm

Nigel & Kathy Pettigrew

Message based group

Wednesdays @ 7pm

Cliff & Janette Diprose

Message based group

1st and 3rd Wednesday @ 7:30pm

Steve & Viv Jackson

Message based group

Alternate Tuesdays @ 7:30pm 

Gavin & Tania Harris

Message based group

1st and 3rd Wednesday @ 7:00pm

Ron & Vanessa Hatton

Message based group

Alternate Wednesdays @ 10am


Graham & Lesley Oliver 

Message based group

Wednesdays @ 6pm

Liz Exton

Message based group for Ladies

Thursdays @ 7:30pm

Margaret Sing

Study Group for Ladies

Alternate Fridays @ 10am

Reuel and Zhen Christiansen

Group for families

Alternate Mondays for Guys and Girls


Jonothan and Rochelle Arthur

Group for families

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